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Visitor Analytics
door Visitor Analytics
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Visitor Analytics

door Visitor Analytics
Advanced Stats & Analytics - No Cookies used!
Gratis pakket beschikbaar
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        Advanced website traffic statistics, with a user-friendly interface: sophisticated dashboard, visitors, conversions, session duration, page traffic, latest visitor activity, referrals, devices, bounce rates, time of visits, competition analysis and much more!
        Visitor behavior analytics: real recordings of visitor sessions, heatmaps & conversion funnels. Get valuable insights about how visitors interact with your site & boost your online success!
        Innovative solution that does not need cookies for tracking data! 100% GDPR & CCPA compliant tracking. No data passed on to third parties. Supports 20 languages.
        Understand your visitors, check your conversion processes & track your website visitors in real-time!
    Visitor Analytics is an All-in-One Analytics App that couples essential website stats with user behavior analytics, in an innovative and user-friendly way. Why waste time and money on countless tools, when you can have everything you need in one place at a better price? Get a complete overview of your website data, starting with stats about your conversions, bounce rate, page traffic, most valuable referrers. Check your visitors: the browsers they use, screen resolutions, geographical distribution, OSs. See how your website is performing in comparison to your competitors. And so much more! T...
    he app also enables you to watch real videos of what your visitors did on your website. It provides heatmaps to check which website's parts your visitors interacted with the most or the least. Conversion funnels support in optimizing your conversion processes noticeably. We use an independent tracking system without the use of cookies that has received various awards. It absolutely complies 100% with the regulation of GDPR, CCPA, and all internet privacy regulations. A team of legal experts constantly makes sure that Visitor Analytics respects the privacy of every individual's data.
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    Visitor Analytics

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      1,000 Visitors limit per month
      Access to Stats dashboard
      Live visitors map
      Country visitors map
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      100,000 Visitors limit per month
      15 Visitor Recordings
      1 Heatmap
      1 Funnel
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    / maand
      250,000 Visitors limit per month
      25,000 Visitor Recordings
      15 Heatmaps
      8 Funnels
    Premiumpakket PRO
    / maand
      500,000 Visitors limit per month
      50,000 Visitor Recordings
      25 Heatmaps
      16 Funnels
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