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Formilla Live Chat
Door Formilla.com
Gratis pakket beschikbaar

Formilla Live Chat

Door Formilla.com
Live chat directly with customers in real-time
Gratis pakket beschikbaar
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        Installs Instantly - You can use the out-of-the-box Formilla Live Chat web interface to begin live chat immediately. The live chat button will appear on your site upon installation of this app.
        See Visitors in Real time - Know exactly who is on your website, what web page they're visiting, where they're located, and request chats with them right from the app.
        iPhone & Android Mobile Apps - Chat with customers from anywhere in the world and receive push notifications right to your phone when customers have questions.
        Send live chat messages automatically to visitors on your site to encourage interaction and increase sales
    Add Formilla Live Chat software to your website and let your visitors chat with you live for support. Answer your users’ questions while boosting customer engagement and building loyalty.
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    Deze app biedt een gratis proefperiode aan van 15 dagen
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    Unlimited Chats
    1 Chat Agent
    Desktop Apps for Windows & Mac
    Mobile Apps for Android & iPhone
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    Unlimited Chats
    Up to 3 Chat Agents
    Mobile Apps for iPhone & Android
    Real-time Visitor Monitoring
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