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ECPay Logistics Taiwan
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ECPay Logistics Taiwan

Door Certified Code
Use automated logistics for online stores
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ECPay Logistics Taiwan overzicht

    Provide logistics services through ECPay - customers can choose home delivery, supermarket pickup, cash on delivery and other delivery options
    Centralized logistics - Unified management of waybills, and the service fee is directly charged by Green World Technology
    Save time - no need to fill out waybills one by one, create them with one click
Convenience store delivery and pickup, home delivery, low-temperature delivery, logistics integration at one place Assist small and medium-sized and individual household e-commerce companies to solve the problem of product shipments. Regardless of the size of the shipment, overtake or home delivery, normal temperature or low temperature, there are suitable delivery methods. Green World Technology Logistics provides members with a convenient and fast commodity delivery mechanism. At present, the supermarket pick-up service provides "FamilyMart Convenience Store" (C2C/B2C), "7-ELEVEN Supermarket" (C2C/B2C), "Laierfu" ( C2C/B2C), "OK Supermarket" (C2C), home delivery service provides "Black Cat Express" and "Chunghwa Post".
Deze app is alleen beschikbaar voor Taiwan.
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