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FOMO Nudge - Urgent Sales
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FOMO Nudge - Urgent Sales

Notify and trigger customer's FOMO - Sell more
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Gratis pakket beschikbaar

FOMO Nudge - Urgent Sales overzicht

    Display low stock levels to show customers how few units of a product are left for purchase
    Create high-demand social proof by showing that other people are buying your product
    Mobile-friendly and customizable to match your brand. Add images, colors, alter size, shape and more
    Create urgency with a limited free shipping offer or get-it-by date
A nudge app is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve conversion rates, increase total sales, and reduce time-to-close. The nudge app uses FOMO marketing, or the fear of missing out, as the driving force to boost closing rates, increase time spent on your page, and reduce cart abandonment. Here are terms you can use: "Now Popular" - Show how many people have bought an item in the last 24 hours. "Selling Fast" - Give a time frame when an item will likely be sold out. "Good News" - Announce free delivery for a limited time. "Order Within" - List the date to order to receive the item by a deadline. If you need more sales, signups, and registrations or want to move more inventory quickly, the nudge app is the way to do it. It also provides a pleasant user experience as it does not block the view of your product, nor is it intrusive or frustrating. It's just a simple way to gently nudge a shopper toward buying from you. Customize your nudge to match your brand. Set your colors, text, fonts, and more. Add urgency icons and product images, then set the size, shape, and position of your nudge app. POWR apps are on over 12 million websites worldwide. Join them!
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Premiumpakket Basic


Choose from pre-made nudge templates
Install 3 nudges + 2,000 views
Adjust size, position, and transitions
24/7 email support
Premiumpakket Starter


All of Free +
Remove POWR branding
Install 5 nudges + 4,000 views
30 or 60 seconds nudge display time
Premiumpakket Pro


All of Starter +
Install 50 nudges + 12,000 views
Prevent nudge from closing
Custom CSS/JS
Premiumpakket Business


All of Pro +
Install unlimited nudge designs
Unlimited nudge views
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