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Omnisend: Booking Emails & SMS
Door Omnisend
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Omnisend: Booking Emails & SMS

Door Omnisend
Send custom Emails and SMS to your clients
Premium site vereist

Omnisend: Booking Emails & SMS overzicht

    Notify clients whenever bookings are confirmed, cancelled, rescheduled, or approaching
    Personalize your messages, choose from 258 professional email & SMS templates
    Start with 60 free SMS & 500 Emails, no credit card required
    Sync your Wix Bookings events and contacts in real-time; collect new subscribers with Popups
What’s this app used for? Automating booking notifications and sending marketing messages via email & SMS. Who’s it for? Service-based businesses taking appointments, like the health and beauty industry. 1. Send automated Emails & SMS keeping your clients well-informed, while building loyalty ✓ Booking Confirmed ✓ Booking Rescheduled ✓ Booking Canceled ✓ Booking Reminders 2. Send beautiful email & SMS marketing campaigns to your Wix audience ✓ 258 designer-made and fully customizable SMS & email templates ✓ Full control of send time & delays ✓ Out of the box contact import from your Wix account ✓Your very own number for SMS messages 3. Grow your SMS & Email subscriber mailing lists ✓Smart list building tools like popups, promotions and signup boxes ✓Reach website visitors at the right moment ✓Ready-made & customizable templates ✓All Forms are fully compliant to gain marketing consent 4. Access all Omnisend’s features free of charge, upgrade as you grow ✓ Reach up to 250 contacts ✓ 500 emails per month ✓ Up to 60 SMS 5. One-click Wix Bookings integration ✓ Seamless & direct connection ✓ Up & running in minutes Note: We currently don’t support Courses.
Beschikbaarheid:Deze app is wereldwijd beschikbaar.
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Premiumpakket MONTHLY - FREE


Access Everything - no credit card
500 emails/mo
One-off $1 SMS credit (up to 66 SMS)
250 contact list send limit
Premiumpakket Monthly - STANDARD

Email from $16

Access Everything
6,000 emails/mo
One-off $1 SMS credit (up to 66 SMS)
Price increases above 500 contacts
Premiumpakket MONTHLY - PRO

Email & SMS from $59

Access Everything
$59 SMS/mo (anywhere up to 3,993 SMS)
Price increases above 500 contacts

SMS only from $20

$20 for SMS or MMS
Auto upgrade options & rolled over SMS
Dedicated SMS number
SMS or MMS campaigns
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