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infinitdesigns is a full-service website, graphic design, and video marketing company. Serving companies such as Nike, Under Armour, ESPN, Netflix, and Disney for over 10 years, we are committed to excellence. We do all of the heavy lifting from design, content development, scripting, programming, installation, and configuration to ensure your project works and looks exactly how you envisioned. We set up & implement various systems to operate your business on auto-pilot, giving you more time to do the things that matter. Our clients consistently see increased traffic, enhanced brand loyalty and new leads thanks to our services. We just happen to be experts in our field. For each service that we conduct, your project will undergo 3 phases of design. The first phase focuses on gathering a more comprehensive understanding of your wants and needs to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our team will provide a rough draft and/or concept(s) to make sure we are in sync with your vision. Phase 2 will focus on edits and/or modifications to eliminate any areas of concern. Once the design is approved, your project will go into our final phase. Website ownership will be transferred and graphics will be finalized and delivered via downloadable link. What truly separates our company from competitors is our "User Dashboard". As soon as a deposit is received, we’ll provide you with a set of credentials to log into your account on our website. This will allow you to view our status and the benchmarks we have reached throughout each phase of design. Not only are our clients able to see real-time data, they are able to see their requests to us, and our tasks to them. At infinitdesigns, communication with our clients is the pinnacle of success. Our overall goal is to deliver superior service and prevent our clients from feeling like they have been "in the dark" or "not getting their money's worth". To view our business proposal please go to:

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